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Transcription of Greek Characters

Greek characters can be entered into Brocade using the following code <<name>>: e.g., <<alpha>>, <<omega>>, <<Alpha>>, <<Omega>>, etc. resulting in α, ω, Α and Ω.

Transcription of Greek Characters
Lowercase Uppercase Transcription Name
α Α a alpha
β Β b beta
γ Γ g gamma
δ Δ d delta
ε Ε e epsilon
ζ Ζ z zeta
η Η è eta
θ Θ th theta
ι Ι i iota
κ Κ k kappa
λ Λ l lambda
μ Μ m mu
ν Ν n nu
ξ Ξ ks xi
ο Ο o omicron
π Π p pi
ρ Ρ r rho
Σ s sigma
τ Τ t tau
υ Υ u upsilon
φ Φ ph phi
χ Χ ch chi
ψ Ψ ps psi
ω Ω ô omega

Additional Rules

  • Spiritus asper, spiritus lenis and accents are not transcribed.
  • Ligatures are resolved into individual characters.
  • Iota subscript is transcribed as iota adscript, both when entering Greek characters and when transcribing into the Latin alphabet (e.g., ᾠδῇ → ωιδηι → ôidei).