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Types of Title Pages

What are the characteristics of a title page?

We distinguish 5 types of title pages:

  • half title
  • frontispice
  • collective title page
  • typographical title page
  • engraved title page

Main article: Types of Title Pages

Types of Titles

We distinguish 5 types of titles:

  • main title
  • grouping title
  • uniform title
  • filing title
  • parallel title

Find out what they are and how they may be combined and used.

Main article: Types of Titles

Choice of Titles

Which title to choose when there is more than one? What to do when there is no title page? What if the title is meaningless or unclear? How to tackle single-sheet prints? And how to construct or choose a grouping title, uniform title, filing title and parallel title?

Main article: Choice of Titles


All the transcription rules you could possibly need for transcribing main titles or parallel titles. Also find out how to construct a grouping title, uniform title and filing title.

Main article: Title reproduction

Inputting Titles in Brocade

Information for STCV cataloguers on how to fill the title fields in Brocade (title, extension, type, language, source) for each type of title.

Main article: Inputting titles