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Record Status


The quality of an STCV description depends heavily on the correct application of the cataloguing rules. The process followed by STCV relies on two main principles that help eliminate as many mistakes as possible.

1. Descriptions of actual copies (the Autopsy)

An STCV description is always made 'with the book in hand'. Descriptions are never added from other databases, catalogues or reference works. Even when adding additional copies (doubles) to existing descriptions, the entire copy is checked 'in hand'. Information from additional copies may be used to improve the original description, for instance when original autopsy was on an incomplete copy.

2. The 'four eyes'-principle (the ABC-process)

Each new record is thoroughly checked by at least two people.

  • A first STCV cataloguer creates a new description following the STCV cataloguing rules (Step A: Description).
  • This description is then passed on, along with the book itself, to a second STCV cataloguer for verification (Step B: Verification). This verification process is meant to check whether the description is complete and correct, and whether the STCV cataloguing rules were applied.
  • The record then returns to the first cataloguer, who includes the suggested additions and corrections in the description (Step C: Correction). Uncertainty and differences in interpretation are settled through a discussion between both cataloguers. If need be, a third STCV cataloguer is consulted.

Record Status

In the online catalogue, users can see whether a description has completed the ABC-process or not.

  • Records that have not yet been verified and corrected, have a status of Preliminary (code sa). These records may still be incomplete or contain some errors.
  • After verification and correction, the status will read Verified (code sc). These records may be relied upon.

For cataloguers

A number of additions and changes were made to the cataloguing rules in October 2015. Records created before this time were marked with the 'status' ['lidmaatschap'] (code so) (STCV - old model). When editing such a record, cataloguers are required to check the book, make the necessary changes and then, once done, delete this 'so'-membership. If none apply, please also delete the 'so'-state. This way, we can keep track of the status of each record. Eventually, all records will be updated to adhere to the latest cataloguing rules and the state of 'so' will be redundant and eliminated.