STCV. Bibliography of the Hand Press Book

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Legal paratext (p010)

Some publications contain a paratext signed by a worldly or religious authority stating that they approve of the work and allow it to be published. We call these legal paratext. They may be titled 'approbation', 'privilege', 'censura', ...

Literary paratext (p020)

In the prelims of some publications, we find poems addressed to the author or in praise of the work or the subject, or similar literary items. We call these "'literary paratext"'.

Dedication (p030)

Many works contain a dedication. We only add the keyword dedication if it is addressed to a natural person or a specific group (e.g. aldermen of Antwerp). The keyword is not used for general and vague dedications (e.g. to the patriots, to the Belgians, to the reader, etc.).

Inputting Paratexts in Brocade

You can add as many characteristics as needed, keeping in mind the general aim of the publication.

The keywords for paratexts are added by entering the codes in the 'subject'-field. Multiple keywords may be added in one go. In that case, they need to be separated by a semicolon or entered in separate lines in the field.