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Types of Notes

Five types of notes are distinguished in the bibliographical description.

  1. General note: the purpose of the general note (code 'alg') is to offer further explanation or clarification of specific elements in the bibliographical description.
  2. 'With' notes: works that are, according to their contents or typographical and formal characteristics, presented separately (for example explicitly mentioned on the title page or with a separate title page within a bibliographical unit) but nevertheless are part of a larger bibliographical unit, are recorded in a note op the type 'with' (code 'wi').
  3. Bibliographical references: such references are recorded in a note of the type 'bibliographical reference' (code 'br').
  4. Price quotations: the 'price' note states the price that is mentioned in the publication itself
  5. Sheet count: contains the total number of sheets used for this publication

There is a further special type of note: the cataloguing remark. This is an internal note that is not visible for a normal user, but is supposed to help the cataloguer in their job. The cataloguing remark is never recorded in a normal note-field.

The editorial language of these notes (with the potential exception of the cataloguing remarks), is English. Notes never end with a full stop.

General Notes

Notes with the code 'alg': examples and the special case of the note for single-sheet prints.

Main article: General Notes

Notes of the Type 'With'

Notes with the code 'wi': for bibliographically dependent parts.

Main article: 'With' Notes

Bibliographical References

Notes with the code 'br': for referencing secondary literature.

Main article: Bibliographical References

Price quotations

Notes with the code 'price': for reproducing a sale price as mentioned in the publication

Main article: Price quotations

Sheet count

Notes with the code 'sheet': the total number of sheets used to print a publication

Main article: Sheet count

Cataloguing Remarks

For STCV cataloguers, this field allows for information that may be relevant for other cataloguers but stays 'behind the scenes' and is not visible to the user. This may include details on mistakes in signatures and paginations, comments on the quire structure, additional clarification and whatever else is deemed useful.

Main article: Cataloguing Remarks

Inputting Notes in Brocade

Details for STCV cataloguers on how to create and construct the different notes in Brocade, specifically the fields: note, type and language.

Main article: Inputting Notes in Brocade