STCV. Bibliography of the Hand Press Book

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List of Subject Headings

See also: Subject Headings, Open Data

Authority Type Code: SOW (STCV Subject Headings [= Onderwerpen])


a::d001 General works (collected works on diverse research areas, publications from scientific societies with mixed contents, encyclopaedia, letters on diverse topics, almanacs)
a::d002 Science and culture in general (including esoteric works, occultism)
a::d003 Communication studies
a::d004 Book studies and library science; writing
a::d005 Philosophy
a::d006 Humanities (general)


a::d007 Religion (general)
a::d008 Judaism
a::d009 Bibles and Bible exegesis
a::d010 Church history and dogmatic history
a::d011 Christian doctrine
a::d012 Christian practice
a::d013 Religion, non-Jewish/Christian

History from the Middle Ages per area/country

See also: Subject Headings: History

a::d014 History in general (including: genealogy and heraldry, numismatics and other auxiliary sciences)
a::d015 History: antiquity
a::d016 History: Europe
a::d017 History: the Netherlands
a::d018 History: Belgium and Luxembourg
a::d019 History: France
a::d020 History: Germany and Central Europe (including Switzerland, Austria)
a::d021 History: Great Britain and Ireland
a::d022 History: Spain and Portugal
a::d023 History: Italy
a::d024 History: Scandinavia
a::d025 History: Eastern Europe (including: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, ...)
a::d026 History: South-eastern Europe (including: Hungary, Romania, Greece, ...)
a::d027 History: Asia
a::d028 History: Africa
a::d029 History: America
a::d030 History: other regions

Linguistics and Literature

See also: Subject Headings: Linguistics and Literature

a::d031 General linguistics and literature (E.g. literary polemic, reviews, works that do not treat one specific language, ...)
a::d032 Linguistics and literature in general (Works in three or more languages, e.g. dictionaries, emblem books, dialogues, ...)
a::d033 Linguistics and literature: English
a::d034 Linguistics and literature: German
a::d035 Linguistics and literature: Dutch
a::d036 Linguistics and literature: Frisian
a::d037 Linguistics and literature: French
a::d038 Linguistics and literature: Italian
a::d039 Linguistics and literature: Spanish
a::d040 Linguistics and literature: Greek
a::d041 Linguistics and literature: Latin
a::d042 Linguistics and literature: Hebrew
a::d043 Linguistics and literature: other languages


a::d044 Art (general)
a::d045 Particular arts: plastic arts, graphic arts and architecture
a::d046 Performing arts and music

Exact sciences

a::d047 Exact sciences (general)
a::d048 Mathematics
a::d049 Physics
a::d050 Chemistry
a::d051 Geology, earth science
a::d052 Astronomy
a::d053 Biology
a::d054 Environmental science
a::d055 Medicine
a::d056 Veterinary medicine
a::d057 Agricultural science
a::d058 Home economics (including: kitchen/vegetable gardens)

Technical sciences

a::d059 Technical sciences (general)
a::d060 Materials science
a::d061 Mechanical engineering
a::d062 Traffic, vehicles and vessels (including shipbuilding, nautical instruments)
a::d063 Architectural engineering, civil engineering
a::d064 Mining engineering
a::d065 Industry, process engineering

Social sciences

a::d066 Social sciences (general)
a::d067 Geography, cartography and demography (including: travel accounts, topography)
a::d068 Sports and games (including: hunting, lotteries)
a::d069 Psychology
a::d070 Adult education theory
a::d071 Pedagogy
a::d072 Education (including: elementary school/text books)
a::d073 Economics
a::d074 Business administration
a::d075 Law
a::d076 Public administration (including rule-issuing government publications)
a::d077 Political science (including military science)