STCV. Bibliography of the Hand Press Book

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List of Subject Headings

The first column contains the code to be entered into the 'content'-field in Brocade. Each code for a subject heading starts with the letter d, followed by three digits. The first digit is always a zero.

For further explanations regarding the specific categories, check the page on subject headings.


d001 General works (collected works on diverse research areas, publications from scientific societies with mixed contents, encyclopaedia, letters on diverse topics, almanacs)
d002 Science and culture in general (including esoteric works, occultism)
d003 Communication studies
d004 Book studies and library science; writing
d005 Philosophy
d006 Humanities (general)


d007 Religion (general)
d008 Judaism
d009 Bibles and Bible exegesis
d010 Church history and dogmatic history
d011 Christian doctrine
d012 Christian practice
d013 Religion, non-Jewish/Christian

History from the Middle Ages per area/country

See also: Subject Headings: History

d014 History in general (including: genealogy and heraldry, numismatics and other auxiliary sciences)
d015 History: antiquity
d016 History: Europe
d017 History: the Netherlands
d018 History: Belgium and Luxembourg
d019 History: France
d020 History: Germany and Central Europe (including Switzerland, Austria)
d021 History: Great Britain and Ireland
d022 History: Spain and Portugal
d023 History: Italy
d024 History: Scandinavia
d025 History: Eastern Europe (including: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, ...)
d026 History: South-eastern Europe (including: Hungary, Romania, Greece, ...)
d027 History: Asia
d028 History: Africa
d029 History: America
d030 History: other regions

Linguistics and Literature

See also: Subject Headings: Linguistics and Literature

d031 General linguistics and literature (E.g. literary polemic, reviews, works that do not treat one specific language, ...)
d032 Linguistics and literature in general (Works in three or more languages, e.g. dictionaries, emblem books, dialogues, ...)
d033 Linguistics and literature: English
d034 Linguistics and literature: German
d035 Linguistics and literature: Dutch
d036 Linguistics and literature: Frisian
d037 Linguistics and literature: French
d038 Linguistics and literature: Italian
d039 Linguistics and literature: Spanish
d040 Linguistics and literature: Greek
d041 Linguistics and literature: Latin
d042 Linguistics and literature: Hebrew
d043 Linguistics and literature: other languages


d044 Art (general)
d045 Particular arts: plastic arts, graphic arts and architecture
d046 Performing arts and music

Exact sciences

d047 Exact sciences (general)
d048 Mathematics
d049 Physics
d050 Chemistry
d051 Geology, earth science
d052 Astronomy
d053 Biology
d054 Environmental science
d055 Medicine
d056 Veterinary medicine
d057 Agricultural science
d058 Home economics (including: kitchen/vegetable gardens)

Technical sciences

d059 Technical sciences (general)
d060 Materials science
d061 Mechanical engineering
d062 Traffic, vehicles and vessels (including shipbuilding, nautical instruments)
d063 Architectural engineering, civil engineering
d064 Mining engineering
d065 Industry, process engineering

Social sciences

d066 Social sciences (general)
d067 Geography, cartography and demography (including: travel accounts, topography)
d068 Sports and games (including: hunting, lotteries)
d069 Psychology
d070 Adult education theory
d071 Pedagogy
d072 Education (including: elementary school/text books)
d073 Economics
d074 Business administration
d075 Law
d076 Public administration (including rule-issuing government publications)
d077 Political science (including military science)