STCV. Bibliography of the Hand Press Book

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List of Publication Types

The first column contains the code to be entered into the 'content'-field in Brocade. Each code for a document type starts with the letter d, followed by three digits. For document types, the first digit is always a nine.

For further explanations regarding the specific categories, check the page on document types.

d901 Academic writings
d902 Almanacs and prognostications
d903 Atlases (collections of jointly-published maps)
d904 Biographies (note: 'memoirs' in this period are usually not (auto)biographies)
d905 Catalogues (of all kinds of objects; including bibliographies and inventories)
d906 Catechisms
d907 Emblem books
d908 Prayer books
d909 Occasional writings (poems, sermons, wedding speeches, funeral orations, etc. for private individuals)
d910 Genre parodies
d911 Children's books
d912 Song books (texts - also rhymed versions of the psalms - meant for singing; to distinguish from poetry books by the presence of tune indications, music notes, etc.)
d913 Liturgical works
d914 Music books (e.g. opera libretti)
d915 Government publications
d916 Books of plates (works published for their illustrations)
d917 Poetry (everything in verse)
d918 Sermons
d919 Dialogues (excluding catechisms)
d920 School orations
d921 Plays
d922 Period documents
d923 Periodicals
d924 Dictionaries