STCV. Bibliography of the Hand Press Book

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List of Publication Types

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Authority Type Code: SPT (STCV Publication Type)

a::d901 Academic writings
a::d902 Almanacs and prognostications
a::d903 Atlases (collections of jointly-published maps)
a::d904 Biographies (note: 'memoirs' in this period are usually not (auto)biographies)
a::d905 Catalogues (of all kinds of objects; including bibliographies and inventories)
a::d906 Catechisms
a::d907 Emblem books
a::d908 Prayer books
a::d909 Occasional writings (poems, sermons, wedding speeches, funeral orations, etc. for private individuals)
a::d910 Genre parodies
a::d911 Children's books
a::d912 Song books (texts - also rhymed versions of the psalms - meant for singing; to distinguish from poetry books by the presence of tune indications, music notes, etc.)
a::d913 Liturgical works
a::d914 Music books (e.g. opera libretti)
a::d915 Government publications
a::d916 Books of plates (works published for their illustrations)
a::d917 Poetry (everything in verse)
a::d918 Sermons
a::d919 ialogues (excluding catechisms)
a::d920 School orations
a::d921 Plays
a::d922 Period documents
a::d923 Periodicals
a::d924 Dictionaries