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List of OPAC Changes

On this page, we list changes to the STCV online public access catalogue (OPAC), starting with the major upgrade of May 31, 2016.



  • General Page Layout
    • On the main menu, the 'Browse' option was renamed to 'Keywords'.
  • Keyword Search
    • 'Uniform Title' was added as an additional keyword type. This allows for finding publications like Bible books via a search tree.


  • Search
    • Results from the quick search on the home page now includes faceted navigation for each of the four keyword groups: Subjects, Publication Type, Typography and Paratexts.


  • Bibliographical Descriptions
    • The first page under 'Substantiation' is now displayed as a thumbnail.
    • Keywords are now displayed in four catagories: Subjects, Publication Type, Typography and Paratexts.
    • The page title now starts with the first 50 characters of the book title and the recordnumber, allowing users to better identify multiple STCV browser tabs.
  • Search
    • Search results now include a thumbnails of the first page listed in a record under 'Substantiation'.
    • Date ranges in facet filters were rationalised (per decade).
    • Increased number of search results from 100 to 200.
  • General Page Layout
    • Header now collapses when scrolling down the page
    • Added a second action menu to the bottom of potentially long pages (search results, full descriptions).
  • Record
    • Removed the option 'Extra links' from the page menu, since the resulting screen contained no additional links over the record itself, except for a link to search for the title via Google Search.
    • Added Google Search link to the page menu.


  • Home Page
    • Added a Facebook like button.


  • Home Page
    • Added a news section to the Dutch version of the home page, showing recent news and agenda items from the Flanders Heritage Library website.


  • Simple Search
    • Removed the value 'Oud model' (Old model) from the facet 'Status'.


  • Simple Search
    • Made it possible to search for books from a specific year, using the index prefix yr:.
    • Added aliasses to some indexes to provide more logical, memorable seach prefixes (see List of Index Prefixes for Search).
    • Updated the help screens of the simple search page to include all usefull index prefixes.


  • General Page Layout
    • Added the friendly URL of the OPAC,, to the page header under the title.


  • URL
    • Changed the way the OPAC is called when going to Previously, the OPAC was loaded in a frameset, but in some browsers, this started to result in white screens after submitting search forms. The frameset was replaced with a direct. As a result, the browser address bar no longer shows the URL but rather the direct OPAC URLs, starting with


  • Record
    • Fixed an issue where the main form of the publisher was in a larger font than the main forms of the author and place of publication.


  • Simple Search
    • Fixed an issue where the place of issue in records had no underlying search link after using simple search.


  • Record
    • Fixed an intermittent issue where clicking search links in a record under author, printer, place of issue or vocabulary values would return no results.
    • Clicking the permalink in a record now reloads the page in the same window. Previously, a new window or tab was created.


  • Advanced Search
    • An option was added to filter search results based on other online bibliographical databases in which an edition is listed.
    • An option was added to filter search results based on online repositories containing digital copies of an edition.


Print button as displayed on an STCV record
  • Printing
    • A print button was added to records and search results to help avoid printing problems when the page is loaded in a frameset or iframe.
    • The print template for search result was optimised.
Print preview as displayed in the Chrome browser on June 6, 2016


  • Printing
    • A bug resulting in an abnormally large top margin when printing records was fixed.
    • Display margins are now removed from the record when printing. The margin set by the user in his print preferences is the actual margin when printing records.
    • A slightly smaller font is now used when printing, to reduce the number of pages.


Home page of the STCV online catalogue on June 1, 2016
Home page of the STCV online catalogue on May 20, 2015
Home page of the STCV online catalogue on November 5, 2009
  • URLs
    • is now the main URL for the (Dutch) STCV OPAC, with and as direct links to the English and French language versions.
      • (www.) now points directly to the home page of the OPAC (used to forward to
      • now forwards to (used to point to the home page of the OPAC).
      • now forwards to (used to contain the OPAC embedded in the Flanders Heritage Library website).
  • General Page Layout
    • A major redesign of the typography and page layout was executed, focusing on improved readability and easier navigation.
    • A main menu was added, offering access to the major OPAC options from any page: Home, Advanced Search, Index Search, Retrieve Record, Bookmarks, Search History. Also, links to the online STCV Manual and the STCV Facebook page are included. The main menu remains visible at the top of the page when scrolling down.
    • A footer menu was added, offering access to the major OPAC options, links to project information and links to other online services of Flanders Heritage Library from any page.
    • A feedback button now allows users to report issues with the OPAC or its content to the project staff from any page.
    • A back-to-top button now allows users to return to the top of long pages in a quick and easy manner.
    • The STCV header is now shown on all pages, regardless of the URLs used to access them. (Previously, the header was omitted when a page URL did not include a certain parameter. In particular, this was the case for permalinks of an older format.)
  • Home Page
    • A global search option was added, allowing users to search multiple indexes (title, author, printer/publisher, and controlled vocabulary terms) for the same term. For instance, a search for Verdussen will render titles printed by Verdussen, written by Verdussen or with Verdussen in the title. Searches can be limited by using index prefixes (au:Verdussen will render only titles written by Verdussen). Boolean operators and wildcards (? or * can be used to combine search terms. The global search option replaces the search by specific indexes as the 'default' search for STCV. Searching by individual indexes is partially maintained, however, as a separate option called 'Index Search' (see below).
    • Information sources on the STCV project are featured more prominently (using graphical icons).
    • A visual menu (with image icons) was included to highlight the controlled vocabulary search trees ('Keyword Search').
    • A visual with random book images was included to highlight the increasing number of digitised editions that can be located via STCV.
  • Keyword Search
    • An additional vocabulary called Paratexts was created.
    • The controlled vocabularies were each given an image icon.
    • Icons were added to the search tree pages for easier navigation.
    • The wording of the search tree options was partially revised for greater clarity.
    • Some corrections were made to the search tree hierarchy (narrower/broader terms).
    • Where relevant, related terms were added as links.
    • Scope notes were added to the vocabulary terms under 'Typography' and 'Paratexts'.
    • Example images can now be included with vocabulary terms (already available with 'Paratexts', work in progress for 'Typography').
  • Advanced Search
    • The layout of the input fields for entering search terms and selecting indexes was improved.
    • Pick lists and check boxes for filtering were replaced with multi-select boxes, offering browsing of lists and selection via type-ahead filtering.
    • The wording of the indexes was partially revised for greater clarity: Word from Title, Start of Title, Author - Personal Name, Author - Institutions/Organisations, Publisher/Printer, Place of publication, Subject term, Language, Library code/Call number .
    • New filtering options were added:
      • By controlled vocabulary: Subject, Publication Type, Typography and Paratexts.
      • By the new value Record Status (see below).
    • Options in the multi-select boxes are now sorted alphabetically for all interface languages (previously, the Dutch sort order was carried over to French and English).
    • The search form is now submitted when pressing the enter key.
  • Index Search
    • The 'search by index' possibility of the previous OPAC is partially maintained and offers users the ability to to browse the indexes of the database, starting at the initial letters of their choosing.
    • As with Advanced Search, the wording of the indexes was partially revised for greater clarity.
  • Retrieve Record
    • The fixed prefix c:stcv: is now added automatically when only digits are entered or pasted into the search input field.
  • Bookmarks
    • The number of bookmarked items is shown on the main menu (up to 100 items).
  • Search Results
    • In addition to Title, Place of Issue and Year of Issue, results now also show: Author(s), Printer/Publisher, Edition, Library Acronym and the availability of digitised copies.
    • For improved readability, title information is shown on multiple lines, and alternating colours are used to visually separate results.
    • Search results were increased from 15 to 100 per page.
    • Navigation was improved by adding result counters and navigation links at both the top and the bottom of the page.
    • The action menu was improved by partially revising its terminology and by adding icons.
    • When using the global search option (via the home page), it is now possible to:
      • Apply search facets (filters) directly from the results list (Language, Institution, Year, Carrier, and Status).
      • Apply (reverse) alphabetical sorting by title.
    • Results for records that were viewed earlier now change colour (from black to grey), so users know which results they already looked at. This effect is reset between browser sessions.
  • Bibliographical Descriptions
    • New information was added (and continues to be added) in the data scheme:
      • A Record State value was added to indicate the progress of a description in the project workflow ('preliminary' (= pending verification) or 'verified').
      • The sheet count of an edition is now included and was added retroactively for most existing titles.
      • Textual references to other online bibliographical databases are now included as links (converted retroactively for existing titles).
      • Additional filing titles were created for almanacs and auctions (next to to the existing ones for ordinances, theses and periodicals; converted retroactively), allowing for the inclusion of generic titles with year and city (for almanacs) or date (for auctions).
      • Additional 'language independent codes' were created for standard phrases used in notes and image title fields. Such phrases are displayed in the interface language chosen by the user. They will be used for new descriptions and when updating existing ones.
    • The record structure was revised into six major sections:
      • Record: Administrative details
      • Title Description: Formal bibliographical details
      • Analytical Information: Details resulting from autopsies
      • Keywords: Controlled vocabulary terms
      • Substantiation: Visual proof from autopsied copies
      • Available Copies: Autopsied print copies and digitised copies available online
    • The wording of the fields was partially revised for greater clarity.
    • Navigation was improved by adding result counters and navigation links at both the top and the bottom of each page.
    • The action menu was improved by partially revising its terminology and by adding icons.
  • Help Screens
    • All information about the project or the bibliographical method was removed for reasons of maintainability. This information can now be found in the online STCV Manual or was already present in the project dossier on the website of Flanders Heritage Library.
    • Help screens were rewritten to provide to the point assistance with the specific search options of the OPAC.