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List of Liturgical Works

This list is based on List of Uniform Titles for Liturgical Works of the Latin Rites of the Catholic Church, 2nd ed. revised, London, IFLA, 1981.

Popular Anonymous Works
Main Form Database Identifier Definition
Rituale a::8.264.1 Instructions (rubrics) and texts for the administration of the Sacraments, blessings, etc. The Rituale has been unified comparatively recently, and is the least uniform of the pre-conciliar liturgical books of the Roman Rite. Pre- and post- conciliar.
Litaniae a:: The Litany of the Saints with accompanying prayers.
Processionale a:: Instructions (rubrics) and texts for processions.
Antiphonale officii a::8.264.2 Texts and chants of sung parts of the Divine Office.
Benedictio mensae a::8.264.3 Grace before and after meals
Breviarium a::8.264.4 A book containing all texts recited daily by clerics and by certain religious as the Divine Office. Frequently divided into several parts mainly according to the Seasons.
Completorium a:: The texts of Compline in the Divine Office.
Diurnale a:: Texts for the Hours of the Divine Office from Lauds to Compline inclusive.
Homiliarium a:: The homilies forming part of the Divine Office.
Hymnarium a:: Hymns forming part of the Divine Office and of the Mass.
Itinerarium a:: Prayers and readings on the occasion of a Journey
Lectionarium officii a:: The lessons forming part of the Divine Office.
Legendarium a:: Biographies of saints forming part of the Divine Office.
Liber usualis a:: A book containing the chants of the Mass and of the Divine Office
Liber usualis officii a:: A book containing the chants of the Divine Office.
Officium parvum Beatae Mariae Virginis a:: A special office in honour of Our Lady. Since 1568 Books of Hours (Prymers) include this office.
Officium pro defunctis a:: A particular office on the occasion of the memory of the dead.
Psalterium a:: The psalms arranged as recited in the Divine Office. The Psalterium may, also contain hymns, antiphons and versicles for choir use.
Responsoriale a:: The antiphons and responses forming part of the Divine Office, with chant.
Vesperale a:: The texts and chants forming Vesper and Compline of the Divine Office.
Caeremoniale a::8.264.5 A book containing instructions (rubrics) only, for all church services. Caeremoniale is also another name for the Rituale. Caeremoniale romanum is a pre-tridentine liturgical book containing regulations for ceremonies of the election of a pope and other papal functions.
Caeremoniale episcoporum a::8.264.6 Instructions (rubrics) only, for Solemn church services in cathedrals and collegiate churches.
Calendarium romanum a::8.264.7 Contains the arrangement of the feasts of saints according to the liturgical calendar.
Canon missae a::8.264.8 Contains the text of the Canon of the Mass as used by bishops during pontifical Mass.
De sacra communione et de cultu mysterii eucharistici extra missam a::8.264.11 Instructions (rubrics) and texts for the administration of Holy ommunion and for the Eucharistic liturgy outside Mass.
Graduale a::8.264.12 The texts and chant of those parts of the Mass which are sung.
Kyriale a:: Text and chant of the Common of the Mass, i.e. Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus and Agnus Dei.
Lectionarium missae a::8.264.13 Biblical readings for Mass. Pre- and Post-conciliar. Complete texts of the gospels for liturgical use are treated in the same way as other editions of biblical books.
Martyrologium a::8.264.15 Records, with biographical notes, the saints whose feasts occur every day in the year. A lesson from the Martyrologium is read daily at the end of Prime.
Missale a::8.264.16 A book containing all the instructions (rubrics), texts and chant needed for a priest to celebrate Mass throughout the year. Since the Second Vatican Council the lessons are no longer part of the Missale but, although sometimes included in its editions, are collected separately as Lectionarium missae (18). Pre- and post conciliar.
Missale defunctorum a:: The texts for Masses on the occasion of the memory of the dead.
Officium Hebdomadae Sancta et Paschatis a:: The texts of Holy Week and Easter Week services.
Ordo missae a:: The Common of the Mass. Pre- and post-conciliar.
Octavarium romanum a::8.264.17 Contains, as an addition to the Breviarium (3), lessons for feasts which are only observed in certain localities.
Ordinale a::8.264.18 Instructions (rubrics) and texts for conferring the Sacrament of Holy Orders.
Ordo divini officii a::8.264.25 A calendar containing directions for the celebration of Mass and the Divine Office every day of the year. Supplements Breviarium (3) and Missale (26). Pre- and post-conciliar.
Pontificale a::8.264.28 Instructions (rubrics), texts and chants, used by bishops for the administration of the sacraments, and for consecrations and blessings outside Mass, and for certain juridical acts. Pre- and post-conciliar.
Proprium missae a::8.264.29 Contains, as an addition to the Missale (26), a collection of special texts for individual dioceses, religious orders, monasteries, etc. Pre- and post-conciliar.
Proprium officii a::8.264.30 Contains, as an addition to the Breviarium (3) or Liturgia Hovarum (24), special texts for individual dioceses, religious orders, monasteries, etc. Pre- and post-conciliar.