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The field 'edition' normally holds the information from the title page (source: title page) concerning the edition. In some cases, it can be useful to include external information, for example when something is up for discussion. This is no obligation, however.

The edition statement is always given in an English editorial formula. It always starts with a capital letter and ends without a full-stop.


Enlarged and corrected edition

Translated from the Spanish into Dutch

The order and lay-out of the title page is retained as much as possible. This is valid both for statements within one edition statement, as for the sequence of different edition statements. Per separate edition statement on the title page, and per source, a new 'edition' field is created.

Sometimes, edition statements on the title page are brought together in one long sentence. This is followed as much as possible, without overloading the grammatical structure. When necessary, you can choose to divide it over multiple fields.

If the title page, or elsewhere in the book, mentions the number of copies in the print run, this is placed in the edition field.

Example (Cf. STCV 3106495)
Edition: Fifth impression, in 1000 copies

Indications of price, however, are placed in a price-note and the description also receives the keyword t250 (Price quotation).

Example (Cf. STCV 6859552)

Ivdocvs Andries, Noodighe wetenschap tot de saligheyt

General note: Price: 'Dit boecxke[n] va[n] vijf bladere[n] met twee[n]-vijftich beelden, in goet, dick ende wit papier gedruckt, kost twee stuyvers onghebonden. Voor de ghene dieder vier-en-twintgh, oft meer coope[n] by de[n] drucker, seve[n] oorte[n] het stuc. Den bandt van elck met marmer papier overtrocken, kost twee oorten.' (f. A8 recto)

Adapted or subsequent edition

The title page of a work often indicates whether it is a first, a new or a subsequent issue or edition. These statements are reproduced as they are presented on the title page, in the same order. These statements concern the history of the edition or issue, not the history of the work or contents. A 'first edition' can therefore contain text that were already published previously in a different form. This is often the case for collected works.

Translation of common Latin edition statements
Latin English Dutch
Nunc primum edita First edition Eerste uitgave
Aucta Enlarged edition Vermeerderde uitgave
Editio nova et auctior New, enlarged edition Nieuwe, vermeerderde uitgave
Editio emendatoria Corrected edition Verbeterde uitgave
Nunc primum in n volumen redacte First edition in n volumes Eerste uitgave in n delen
Editio altera Second edition Tweede uitgave
Editio castigata Corrected edition Verbeterde uitgave
Opera omnia nunc primum in unum volumen redacta First edition Eerste uitgave
Ad autographum redactam Corrected on the autograph Verbeterd naar het handschrift
Per auctorem emendatam Corrected by the author Door de auteur verbeterd
In versibus translatam Versified Berijmd
Editio repurgata Verbeterde uitgave
Editio secunda aucta et recognita Second, enlarged edition Tweede uitgave, vermeerderd en overzien
Ad autographum fidem recensiti Corrected on the autograph Gecorrigeerd op basis van het autograaf
Locupletata Enlarged edition Verrijkt
Editio postrema Latest edition Laatste uitgave
À mendis expurgata Corrected edition Van fouten gezuiverd


Information about translations is always included. This may be taken from the title page, the document or external sources (e.g. bibliographical references). As much as possible, this statement is reproduced the way it appears on the title page. External information can then be noted in additional edition fields.


Translated into Latin
Translated from the Dutch
Translated from the Latin into Dutch
Translated from the Italian into Latin and from the Latin into French

Translated into French and enlarged
Edition statement mentioned on the title page is displayed in the description with simplified syntax
Typographical title page
UA MAG-P 12.694 f. *1 recto
STCV 6604220
Edition statement is displayed in description with 'document' as source
Edition statement in document
UA RG 3108 i 4 1ste ex. f. §2 recto
STCV 3139953


Names of people or institutions given in the edition statement, are included in the author field where they receive a function that explains their relationship to the work (translator, editor, ...). They are not repeated in the edition field. If confusion can arise over the exact function (two translators, ...), the situation is explained in a general note.