STCV. Bibliography of the Hand Press Book

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Controlled Vocabulary


Following the example of the STCN, the bibliographical descriptions in STCV receive keywords for content and form. An exhaustive list was drawn up by STCN, which was almost entirely taken over by STCV. Each keyword received a code consisting of 1 letter and 3 digits. For specific details, see the list of subject headings.


The list of content keywords is based on the 'Nederlandse Basisclassificatie'. This explains why a few terms in the list may seem anachronistic.

The purpose of the keywords is not to give all the nuances of a bibliographical description, but to provide a general idea about the overall content and formal characteristics of the works described.

Inputting Controlled Vocabulary in Brocade

You can add as many keywords as needed, keeping in mind the general aim of the publication.

Keywords are added by entering the codes in the 'subject'-field. Multiple keywords may be added in one go. In that case, they need to be separated by a semicolon or entered on separate lines in the field.